metal & wood aims to create functional, durable pieces to be used and loved for a lifetime

we believe in simple designs that are reduced to their bare essentials. through a collection of handcrafted items, M&W has established a distinctive style. each piece conceived, designed, and produced ads warmth to an expanding family of timeless designs

at M&W the starting point for creating new products is function and quality, relying on artisanal assembly techniques and an intuitive use of raw materials. durability is part of the brand’s core philosophy. It has been seamlessly incorporated into all processes: from carefully choosing local craftsmen, blending our own oils, developing our signature finish to informing customers about the aftercare of our products

established in 2011, what started with a unique selection of international design brands has now developed into a locally handcrafted collection

M&W studio by rached sultan is based in Beirut, Lebanon